Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kimi ni Todoke: Confession / 告白

Finally, the wait is over! I've always wanted to post this screen shot ever since I've read this part from the manga.

Here's a screen shot of the Episode entitled 'Confession' 告白「kokuhaku」

Among all the chapters of the manga, this is my most favorite scene ever!

Shiina Karuho definitely knows what she's doing. This moment proves to show that you don't need words, or anything drastically graphic to make something special. The colored picture on top is a screen capture of the anime version. The one below is a scanned page of volume 10 chapter 39 (page 32) of the manga.

I'm really looking forward to the next episodes. I hope they'll turn chapter 44 into an anime too... The 'Kazehaya's point of view story' is also one of my favorite chapters in the manga. I'm sure it'll be much better once it's in anime form. I also hope they won't delete anything. So far, they've deleted bits and pieces of the manga from the anime version. They also added scenes that's not in the manga.

For now, I have no complaints though. 'coz so far, I liked the scene they added specifically the part wherein Ryu gave Chizu a bracelet for her birthday. :D


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  1. best. scene. EVER...........

    I got up to this point in the manga and my eyes probably had 10 of those shiny dots on them from the total fan girl moment. :D